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Combining spirituality and travelwith Kendall Fuhrman
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Welcome our guest Kendall Fuhrman, she is an entrepreneur, travel vlogger, content creator, podcast host, and now author of her new book coming out called "You Are The Medicine" which follows her journey in Peru where she took one of the strongest psychedelics in the world and learned to find her medicine within. She has a mission of inspiring others to find their happiness within and live their life to the fullest! She began her career in October 2018 when she quit her job and started her viral content and marketing agency, Fuhrman Ventures LLC where she quickly found success with freelancing and being a content creator online reaching 555K followers across her TikTok, Instagram and YouTube and getting paid to travel. She is passionate about manifestation, travel, spirituality and her goal is to share her story in the hopes of inspiring others on their self discovery journey as well.


Guest Info:

Instagram: @kendall.fuhrman

Tiktok: @kendallfuhrman

Facebook: KendallFuhrman

Podcast: Kendall's World

Youtube: Kendall Fuhrman

Pinterest: @kendallfuhrman

The Medicine is within you book: Buy Here

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