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Hi This is Shannon

The older (and wiser) twin who loves discovering new places and people. With the help of the podcast, I want to share and exchange stories in order to learn and grow as a person!

When I am not behind the mic you can find me following my chunky cat Kiki on all fours around the house or exploring/going on adventures around my hometown in Long island.

and kristin...

I am the younger (more fun) twin sister Kristin who can't help but make a friend anywhere I go. Having a twin be your travel buddy is the best conversation starter so I always enjoy using that to make new friends. It only seemed natural that we start recording and sharing these encounters!

When I'm not behind the mic I am either with Kiki's sister Elsa playing video games or joining in on the long island adventures with Shannon and friends!

And we're better known as the vogel twins

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Hello and welcome! We are Shannon and Kristin Vogel, identical twins from New York who have traveled to 21 countries and counting. We've spent the last 29 years traveling around the world, exploring new cultures, meeting incredible people and learning life lessons.

We started our podcast “The Vogel Twins” because it's so important that we share what travel has given us with others. We define "travel" as having a tourist mentality every day and how it could transform your life! Imagine having an adventure in your backyard or taking every opportunity to be open minded? What if you were always looking for opportunities instead of obstacles? You can't let fear hold you back from living your best life possible and we want to help inspire you to create your own unique experiences!

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Troy Taylor
“Hands-down, this is the most fun that I have had doing a podcast all year! It's a cliché to say that someone's "smile lights up a room," but in this case, it's true. Shannon and Kristin were a delight to work with and to have as interviewers and new friends. The only drawback that I came from this experience is that they have spoiled me for any other podcast that I will do in the future -- I don't know how anyone can top the fantastic time that I had with them!"

Troy Taylor

American Hauntings

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