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Vietnam is known as a popular tourist destination for a reason. From its beautiful beaches, rice terraces, and food (like pho) to its popular motorbiking transit and famous Vietnamese coffee. There is so much to explore and experience in Vietnam. We traveled for a month getting a taste of what this country had to offer starting from Ho Chi Minh and making our way up to Hanoi! 

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When we visited

We visited in December which is the beginning of their winter season. But only expect the cold and gloomy weather in north Vietnam, unlike the south which is sunny and warm.

Packing Essentials


We recommend checking out our flight and clothing essentials from our amazon storefront! These items were super helpful on our trip!



If you plan to fly into Vietnam we recommend using  Skyscanner to book your flights. We find this site to be unmatched at finding the best deals.


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When traveling to Vietnam, the currency they use is the Vietnamese dong. We recommend either ordering money at your bank beforehand or getting money at the airport when you arrive. Certain Quiosk can be questionable  

Must Do's