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New York

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New York State is a diverse and beautiful destination, offering everything from stunning natural scenery and charming small towns to vibrant cities and cultural attractions. With iconic destinations like Manhattan and the Adirondack Mountains, as well as up-and-coming food and wine regions, New York State is a must-visit for any traveler.


when to visit

The best time to visit New York State is during the fall season, particularly in September and October. It's a perfect time for scenic drives, hiking, and outdoor activities in places like the Catskills or Hudson Valley. However, New York State also offers attractions and events year-round, so depending on your interests, you can enjoy skiing in the winter, exploring the vibrant cities in spring, or soaking up the summer sunshine by the beautiful lakes and beaches.


what to packed

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where to book

Whether you're a budget traveler or simply want to find the best deal on your flights we highly recommend using Skyscanner to book your next trip. This site is an excellent tool for finding affordable flights as it searches hundreds of airlines, travel agents, and booking sites to find the best deals available.


how to got around

Consider utilizing a combination of transportation options. Renting a car allows for flexibility, especially when exploring rural areas or embarking on road trips to scenic destinations. For city-to-city travel, Amtrak trains offer convenience and comfort, while regional bus services like Greyhound or Trailways provide affordable and efficient connections to different parts of the state. Lastly, don't forget to take advantage of local transportation systems, such as subways, buses, or taxis.

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Download our google maps for all the fun locations in New York that we explored! 


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