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Maine, known as the Pine Tree State, is famous for its stunning natural beauty, rugged coastline, and delicious seafood. Visitors can explore Acadia National Park, and charming coastal towns, and indulge in fresh lobsters, clams, and oysters. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff, or a foodie, Maine offers something for everyone to enjoy.


When we visited

Maine is a year-round destination, with each season offering unique experiences. We visited in June which is the peak season for tourism in Maine. The summer months (June-August) has warm temperatures, long days, and plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and beachgoing.

Packing Essentials


If you're planning a trip to Maine in the summer, it's important to pack for the variable weather conditions that you might encounter during your stay. From layers, rain gear, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and insect repellent- feel free to check out our amazon storefront to see what we packed for Maine 



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Must Do's

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