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Join us on our ongoing road trip adventure as we journey through diverse destinations like Florida, Savannah, Charleston, and now Charlotte. Along the way, we've encountered initial experiences that didn't meet our expectations, yet each stop has brought invaluable lessons in open-mindedness. Charlotte, in particular, provided a profound opportunity for self-discovery and growth. In this episode, we delve into how embracing unexpected surprises and challenges has fundamentally reshaped our perspectives.


We share personal insights gained from navigating through Charlotte and talking with locals. Through these experiences, we've come to appreciate the transformative power of openness, not only in enriching our journey but also in deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Tune in as we explore how these moments of unpredictability have taught us to embrace change, foster personal growth, and navigate life's adventures with a newfound sense of curiosity and openness.

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Road Trip Vlog | Charlotte Week 14 🏎️ Nascar Hall of Fame, Science on the Rocks, Cat Cafe + Brews
Join us for our first week exploring the vibrant city of Charlotte! We check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame, diving into the thrilling world of NASCAR with interactive exhibits and legendary race cars which inspire us to see a race at the Cook Out Summer Shootout. We unwind at Cat Cafe + have ourselves a brewery-hopping day, where we relax with adorable rescue cats while enjoying delicious coffee and local craft beer. Finally, we have a fun night out at the Science on the Rocks, an adult-only night at the Discovery Place Science Museum, featuring hands-on activities, live shows, and themed cocktails. Discover the best of Charlotte's culture, entertainment, and hidden gems with us. Check out all the spots we explored in Charlotte: Like what we explored? We created a downloadable map for you to use on your next trip- shop now: Amazon Storefront: Camera Equipment: Travel Essentials: Let's be friends* Instagram: Tiktok: Pinterest: Blog: Music credit (from Epidemic Sound):

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Want to plan your own trip to Charlotte? Feel free to check out our travel page for inspiration. It has everything from our favorite restaurants to excursions, and travel tips. Or get access to our google maps and itineraries if you want to make your travel planning a little easier!


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