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Discover wanderlust-filled adventures on our travel podcast, available on all platforms. Let the stories whisk you away to new destinations in just a click.


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Dive into our travel adventures on YouTube with captivating vlogs, twin talks, and podcast episodes, offering a visual journey to exciting destinations.



Unlock travel wisdom on our platform with firsthand tips and maps for destinations we've explored, ensuring a seamless journey to incredible places.

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Latest podcast episodes


2023 Rewind

with the Vogel twins

From our travels to behind the scenes footage, we give you an exclusive look at our creative process. Join us as we rewind and relive some of our favorite moments this past season.


Preserving the howl

with Dana Goin

Discover the impactful efforts of the Wolf Conservation Center to safeguarding and preserving wolves through education, advocacy, and engagement in species recovery and reintroduction initiatives.

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Witching hour

with Troy Taylor

Join us as we delve into the captivating history of the Salem witch trials – a notorious period in American history.  Let's uncover the myths, facts, and enduring legacy with special guest Troy Taylor!

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Discover travel tips and hidden spots from our adventures in 22 countries! Dive into our travel pages and embark on a journey filled with expert insights, tips, and tricks to make every trip extraordinary.

Latest travels

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