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Discover wanderlust-filled adventures on our travel podcast, available on all platforms. Let the stories whisk you away to new destinations in just a click.


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Dive into our travel adventures on YouTube with captivating vlogs, twin talks, and podcast episodes, offering a visual journey to exciting destinations.



Unlock travel wisdom on our platform with firsthand tips and maps for destinations we've explored, ensuring a seamless journey to incredible places.

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Latest podcast episodes


Embracing the Unexpected:

Open-Mindedness in Charlotte

with the vogel twins

In this episode, we delve into how embracing unexpected surprises and challenges has fundamentally reshaped our perspectives. We share personal insights gained from navigating through Charlotte and talking with locals. Through these experiences, we've come to appreciate the transformative power of openness, not only in enriching our journey but also in deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


Charleston Reflections: How your environment Shapes you

with the Vogel twins

In this episode, we delve into the charm and history of Charleston, South Carolina. We'll also be discussing how the environment around us, from the places we visit to the communities we engage with, shapes our perspectives and influences who we are. Tune in on the power of place and how our surroundings can inspire and transforms us.


Making Friends in Your 30s: Insights from Savannah

with the Vogel twins

Making friends in your 30s can be tough, especially when traveling. In this episode, we share our experiences of meeting new people in Savannah, from local meetups to unexpected encounters. Tune in for tips, stories, and lessons on building lasting friendships in a new city.

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Get ready for a unique adventure! We're road-tripping to Florida, Savannah, Charleston, Charlotte, and Raleigh, with surprise stops along the way. Join us each week as we share our favorite spots, activities, and genuine moments from our journey, meeting new people and making connections along the coast.

Latest travels

Road Trip Vlog | Raleigh Week 16  🐝 4th of July, hiking, cafes and catching up with friends
Road Trip Vlog | Charlotte Week 15 🏎️ Line dancing at Coyote Joes, Whitewater rafting + Pickle-ball
Road Trip Vlog | Charlotte Week 14 🏎️ Nascar Hall of Fame, Science on the Rocks, Cat Cafe + Brews
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