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How Alpaca Expeditions became the #1 Tour operator in Peruwith Raul Ccolque Ccolque
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This episode is very special to us because not only do we have this amazing guest today to talk to you, but we will be in Peru when this episode airs! So we want to take you with us on this trip so we decided to interview Alpaca Expeditions, the tour operator we will be using to hike this trail. Alpaca Expeditions is the #1 tour operator in Peru, who prides themselves on superior service to their clients, creating unique and memorable adventures all around Peru. They have been featured on Netflix, Lonely Planet, Forbes and others. But we can’t start to talk about Alpaca Expeditions without mentioning the founder first. From a porter to the owner of the number 1 Tour Operator in Cusco, meet our guest today, Raul Ccolque.


Guest Info:

Instagram: @trekwithalpaca

Tiktok: @alpacaexpeditions

Youtube: alpacaexpeditions

TripAdvisor: Alpaca Expeditions


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