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And We are off! The Reason behind our roadtripwith the Vogel Twins
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This season, prepare yourself for a journey that's not quite like anything we've done before. This time, it's just Kristin and me, the Vogel twins, embarking on a road trip along the coastlines of Florida, Savannah, Charleston, Charlotte, and Raleigh, with a sprinkling of unexpected stops in between.

We'll be delving into the challenges of growing older, navigating the complexities of making meaningful connections, and bravely stepping into the unknown. Because let's be real, the struggle to find genuine connections as we mature is universal. But through our shared experiences, victories, and setbacks, we hope to offer a glimmer of hope and understanding to those who may be on a similar path. So, join us this season as we open our hearts and share our most intimate moments as we try to make new friends and experiences. This season isn't just about exploring cities, but about the connections we make along the way. Together, let's embark on a journey of self-discovery while you travel.

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